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How to implement a simple horizontal paginated ScrollView with React Native

Create an horizontal paginated ScrollView with React Native looks simple, but it wasn’t for me because I didn’t know how to size the content correctly. Around the internet a lot of people suggest to use the window size and eventually make some computation on it, but it is not the right solution or, at least, not the easiest.

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How to setup Home Assistant, Raspberry Pi and MQTT

There are many ways to get Raspberry Pi to communicate with Home Assistant:

  • Install Home Assistant on the Raspberry Pi and set up native integration (if I have multiple Raspberry Pi?)
  • Let Home Assistant communicates via pigio(daemon) (there are some open issue)
  • Communicate via MQTT message broker

In this post I’m going to describe the third option: integration via MQTT, the best one in my opinion, let me explain why.

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WebThings Gateway a very lightweight and flexible IoT Gateway

My own home automation architecture

I was looking for a simple, lightweight, extendable (really extendable or easily programmable) and opensource software for building my own home automation system. I found WebThings Gateway and especially WebThingsIO community!

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In-App Purchase validation flow

Recently I decide to change the FullControl business model from paid download to freemium ( free download and PRO version via In-App purchase ). Then I had to deal with a couple of issues: receipt validation, PRO version available for “older” users, In-App purchase validation flow. In this post we are going to discuss the last point.

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